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Week 26 – Beginning the Final Stage/State

I made this a 9-day “week” to make up for the days excluded from the Week 25 post – hopefully for fairly obvious reasons. These posts were never intended to be a strict coverage of...

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New Jersey, New State, New York, Rock Trail

Week #18—New States, New Jersey and New York

6/17 – Southbound from Culvers Gap to Mohican Outdoor Center 6/18 – Culvers Gap to High Point State Park 6/19 – High Point State Park to Pochuck Mountain shelter 6/20 – Pochuck...

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Week #17—Rocksylvania

Week # 17 6/11 – B & B to George Outerbridge shelter with Rob 6/12 – Outerbridge shelter to Leroy Smith shelter 6/13 – Leroy Smith shelter to Delaware Water Gap 6/14 – Zero at...

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Week #16—The Calm Before the Rock Storm

6/4 – Duncannon to stealth campsite 6/5 – Campsite to swatara gap campsite 6/6 – Swatara gap to Rock n Sole hostel 6/7 – Hostel to Port Clinton/Hamburg 6/8 – Port Clinton to...

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