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Week #8 Back in Virginia and Guest Hiker #2

WEEK # 8 4/9 – 4/14 “Back in Virginia and Guest Hiker # 2” Damascus – Mt. Rogers Visitors Center (Marion) – Quarter Way Inn After a relaxing weekend in...

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RTK Extra: The First 30 Days on the Trail (AND SOME NEW PICS)

Random Thoughts & Observations after a Month on the AT & some new pics below– 1. I always thought .3 miles was not that far. 2. Wildlife has been all but nonexistent....

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Week #3— A Walk in the Snow and a Visit from Brooke

WEEK # 3 My third week on the Appalachian Trail might be characterized as a prelude to the Great Smoky Mountains. Having been “at it” for two weeks, the hiking and camping were...

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WEEK # 2 – Neel Gap (GA) to Wayah Gap (NC)

DAY 5 Arriving at Neel Gap (Mile 31) is a big step for most thru-hikers. There are various rumors and estimates of the number of people who end their hike here – some as high as 30%...

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Where is Bruce? – WEEK # 1

Editor’s note: These updates will be weekly (with some possible mid-week special reports. Generally, a “week” will run Wednesday through Tuesday. Thus, for the first week,...

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My previous post (Part I) on my gear for my 2018 thru-hike focused on the “Big Three.” A couple of weeks ago I posted on the cold weather gear in a post referred to as “The Winter...

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Thanks to Our Sponsor – Independence

Independence Golf Club is not just a golf course but an experiential entertainment center where we’re focused on delivering high-end quality in everything we do.     Because we,...

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The Winter Supplement

I very recently posted on Instagram a photograph of the final two gear items I purchased and included in my gear for my attempt at a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  The items were...

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“What’s for dinner?”

From Parent Trap, our family’s favorite movie: ANNIE:  You sure you don’t want some trout, Mom? Is that okay, by the way? If we start calling you Mom? MEREDITH:  I think your...

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The First Donation to the RTK Challenge

Recently I have made a few posts focused not about my thru-hike as an epic adventure, but as a way to “give back.”  When I decided to undertake this journey I also decided to...

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