“The first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers.”

                                         -William Shakespeare (Henry VI)


Being a lawyer can be tough duty, but few feel sorry for us.  Sadly, it might be said that little has happened in the last 400 years to move people from Shakespeare’s opinion of attorneys  — lawyers may be the favorite target of jokes. [Q.  What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of a deep pit?  A.   A good start.]

I’ve have said often that most criticism heaped on attorneys is earned.  But many attorneys have done considerable good.  John Adams defended eight British soldiers accused of murder in what American history has called the “Boston Massacre.”  I’m particularly proud of my law partner, Brian Stolarz, who worked to free an innocent man on death row, on a pro bono basis. [See his book: Race and Justice on Death Row: The Race Against Time and Texas to Free an Innocent Man.]

With just a little research you learn that attorneys played an enormous role in developing the Appalachian Trail.  Although Benton MacKaye originated the idea of a footpath, historians indicate that the “trail plan” was “practically moribund” until two attorneys stepped in to make the dream a reality.  Judge Arthur Perkins of Hartford, Connecticut and Myron Avery, a young maritime lawyer from Washington, D.C. provided the time and leadership that brought the Trail into existence.  Since these early pioneers many attorneys have made material contributions to the Appalachian Trail.  For example, mostly recently, Ron Tipton led the Appalachian Trail Conservancy until his retirement at the end of last year.



I started this page after hearing from some attorneys that my story resonated with them and they wanted to support the RTK AT Challenge – my effort to raise a record amount of money to help protect and preserve the Appalachian Trail for future generations.  Please email me [click: rtkchallenge@gmail.com ] with your pledge or donation — I will then follow-up so I can recognize you and/or your firm.  (You may donate directly here and then advise me by email or just email me your pledge and I will follow-up.)  With my utmost thanks,  Bruce (“RTK”).

P.S. There is unique, attorney-specific thank you momento for donors at any level.



Thanks to these attorneys and law firms for supporting the RTK Challenge and, in turn, the Appalachian Trail itself: 


(Richmond, Virginia)

Mitchell Widom
(Miami, Florida)

Rob Smith
(Richmond, Virginia)

Ron Tipton
(Rockville, Maryland)

William Broscious
(Richmond, Virginia)

Tom Kendrick
(Birmingham, Alabama)

Sandra Hanna
(Washington, D.C.)

Christopher Perkins
(Richmond, Virginia)

Michael Baker
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

Nicholaus R. Rericha
(Cincinnati, OH)

David Bernhardt
(Richmond, Virginia)

Last Updated:   5/24/18



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