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Week #18—New States, New Jersey and New York

6/17 – Southbound from Culvers Gap to Mohican Outdoor Center
6/18 – Culvers Gap to High Point State Park
6/19 – High Point State Park to Pochuck Mountain shelter
6/20 – Pochuck Mountain shelter to Wawayanda shelter
6/21 – Wawayanda shelter to Wildcat shelter
6/22 – Wildcat shelter to NY 17 (Bear Mountain Bridge Motel)
6/23 – Zero day (Bear Mountain Bridge Motelj)

This week covers most of New Jersey and the first half of New York. This was not my favorite time on the trail.

In New Jersey I hiked to and from the AMC Mohican Center as I waited for a resupply box (which never came). I hiked most days with my friend from Ireland and his son. The weather was warm, and included our first day over 90 degrees. The terrain was similar to Pennsylvania (perhaps not surprisingly, the Kittatinny Ridge runs through both Pennsylvania and New Jersey) in that most hiking was up to and then along a ridge with views to countryside. New Jersey had plenty of rocks even if they weren’t as bad as the Keystone State. I didn’t find New Jersey particularly special or unique or exciting, yet it was pretty at times. Although it was technically in New York, during our next to last day in NJ we stopped in Unionville,NY, which was a fun town to visit, where I cobbled together some resupply to carry me after my box never appeared.

For me, New York is best summed as a state with diverse hiking environments (although this judgment is derived in part from hiking done the following week). The first day in New York involved a beautiful day, great views from Prospect Rock and a 4-mile ridge walk over (mostly) fun and interesting rock formations along the ridge. Then we got a huge punch in the gut because it entailed numerous steep climbs (and descents) requiring considerable hand over hand climbing. And the descents this day were so steep and rocky that they would have been dangerous and impossible in wet conditions. For the first time during the journey I was questioning the extent to which I was having fun and wondering if I was eager to finish.

The week ended with me taking a zero (and I’d take two more) to set up three days of hiking New York with Brooke.

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